Kaz's main four books, Women's Stuff, Girl Stuff, Up the Duff, and Kidwrangling, are regularly reprinted every few months as they stay in demand. Make sure you have the latest edition of any of these books to ensure you have any new medical info and other updates Check the copyright page at the front of your book. It should say the book was printed this year, or last year. The easiest way to make sure you have the latest copy with medical updates is to order one at your local bookshop, or online. (Click on any cover, below, to access each book's own website).

Women's StuffWomen's Stuff

Women's Stuff is your go-to guide, with all the best info, independent advice and great fun you'd expect. Women's Stuff explains how to become confident, be healthier, feel gorgeous, accept your body, eat without guilt, deal brilliantly with busybodies and bullies in all walks of life, embrace optimism, avoid rip-offs, pick the right partner, decide when and whether to try to get pregnant, fight with the in-laws, tackle bad feelings, make a relationship better or escape a bad one, enjoy sex, be happily single, find fulfilling work and purpose, get through grief and other bad times or problems, decide on and follow a dream, assess the uses and risks of cosmetic procedures, choose a moisturiser that won't break the bank (or your face), judge which natural remedies or medication might be useless, get more sleep, deal with any health problems, and understand all your hormonal jiggery-pokery, from first periods and mood swings to menopause.

Written in extensive consultation with more than 100 medical, psychological and other practical experts and informed by over 7,000 real women who responded to an online research survey, Women's Stuff provides the most up-to-date advice and useful information possible, as well as handy hints, facts, and invaluable lists of recommended services, books and websites to help women avoid the utter piffle proliferating on the net.

With her trademark wit and irreverence Kaz cuts through many claims fed to women by pharmaceutical companies, bonkers new agers and celebrities, countering the obsession with our appearance, and tackling the debate about science versus nature in her pursuit of the truth.

With more than 700 pages, a unique, easy-to-use index and a bright, user-friendly design, Women's Stuff is for all women aged 18 to 108.
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Girl Stuff: your full-on guide to the teen years

Latest edition.

Winner of the Australian Book Industry Association Non Fiction Book of the Year; winner of the Australian Booksellers Choice Book of the Year; winner of Australian Book design Awards Best Designed Children's Non Fiction Book (Adam Laszczuk, Penguin Design Studio). Honour book (special mention) in the Children's Literature Awards Eve Pownall Award for Information Books category.

Girl Stuff is written especially for girls in their teens and has everything they need to know about confidence, friends, body changes, phones & social media, shopping, clothes, make-up, pimples (arrghh), sizes, hair, guys, embarrassment, what to eat, moods, smoking, why diets suck, handling love and heartbreak, exercise, school stress, sex, beating bullies and mean girls, drugs, drinking, how to find new friends, cheering up, how to get on with your family, and confidence and handling money. Each girl can read about subjects at her own pace to inform herself and make up her own mind about when, or whether she is ready to embrace certain choices. The option of how to say "no" is always explained. Each chapter includes facts, hints, inspiring lists, hundreds of quotes from real girls, and details for over 350 websites, books and other information. With over 600 pages and heaps of cartoons, and written in consultation with more than 70 medical and practical experts, Girl Stuff provides up-to-date and indispensible information.

Girl Stuff is regularly reprinted with medical, technological, safety or other updates: always get the latest version!

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Up the Duff: the real guide to pregnancy

Up the Duff has been Australia's favourite pregnancy book for more than 10 years, topping the best-seller lists for its genre each week. The latest edition has all the up-to-date medical and other info you need. Make sure you have the newest edition with the yellow cover, not the old lime green one!

The latest edition of Up The Duff has all the favourite features including week-by-week info on what's happening to you and the baby, as well as Hermoine's hilarious pregnancy diary, plus new stuff for blokes, all the latest on medical tests including when to have them and why, what you need to know if you're trying to get pregnant and what to do if it's not happening, help with feelings about post-baby body image and sex, and all the latest medical and emotional help you need, including stacks of recommended websites, contacts and books on special issues.

Some letters from readers of Up The Duff over the years (names have been changed):

"Magnificent ... I've never in my life read anything so honest, and yet so humorous. I'm 37 and 27 weeks pregnant with my seventh child" – Sharon, Garbutt, Queensland.

"Getting the book was the best $30 I ever spent" – Kylie, 18, Wentworthville, Sydney.

"I could not get over how week by week I seemed to be experiencing exactly what you said I could expect. It was so reassuring...the humour was great...hubby was bemused by my constant laughter" – Jana, 33, Montmorency, Victoria.

"Thankyou for conveying the often contradictory feelings about being up the duff...how it made me burst out laughing when little else could make me smile at my seemingly endless discomforts" – Fran, 29, Ringwood, Victoria.

"It's accurate, humorous, and gives people ideas rather than "must dos": just what is needed. I shall use it and recommend it to my clients" – Grace, private breastfeeding consultant; maternal and child health nurse, Guildford, WA.

"We hadn't planned on becoming parents and had only four months to get used to the idea. Your book was great in helping us achieve this. We now have a beautiful baby daughter." – Patrice, Elwood, Victoria.

Foreign editions of under various titles, are also available many languages including Spanish, Italian, Latvian, Czech, Polish, Chinese and North American (okay, that may not count as another language).

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Kidwrangling: caring for babies, toddlers and preschoolers.


The natural sequel to Up The Duff. The latest edition of Kidwrangling has all the up-to-date medical and other info you need. Make sure you have the newest edition with the lilac cover, not the old orange one!

Hundreds of hours of research and heaps of help from experts has contributed to the latest, updated edition of Kidwrangling, with new info on car safety seats, safe sleeping recommendations for babies, kids with special needs, immunisation, fully revised help contacts and heaps more.

With the help of a bunch of expert consultants, including midwife and maternal health specialist Cath Curtin, Kaz delivers all the up-to-date, reliable info, with advice from real mums and dads. Kidwrangling is funny, reassuring and practical, with no judgemental guru-speak about the right way to do things - just a range of great solutions for you to choose from.

Babies: getting through the first weeks/ bosoms/ bottles/ sleeping/ crying / coping / new mum & newborn health / bonding/ the blues / mum's post-baby body / equipment / first food/ teething/ dummies/ vaccination.

Toddlers and preschoolers: using the loo/ teaching kids how to behave/ dealing with common illnesses / family food / child care/ exercise/ getting ready for school.

Plus: emotional and physical development 0 to 5 / games, toys & activities / safety / what dads need to know/ birthday parties & presents / being at home/ paid work / travel / best-ever lists of where to go for extra help/ & much more.

Not to mention: the hilarious How to Be Perfect Routine ('Adjust push-up bra, exfoliate feet, clean up sick').

Kidwrangling is published under various titles in foreign editions.
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Books in the UK, UK versions of Kaz's books:


Kaz's books are fully adapted and published in the UK as The Rough Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth, The Rough Guide to Babies and Toddlers, The Rough Guide to Girl Stuff: Your Full On Guide to the Teen Years. Click the book covers, above, for more info.

Scroll down to see the full range of Kaz's books since the 1980s!

Books now out of print

The Modern Girl's Guide to Everything; The Modern Girl's Guide to Safe Sex; Real Gorgeous: The Truth About Body and Beauty; Women's Trouble (with Ruth Trickey); Kazcards (cartoon postcards); a series of satirical 'Little Books' in the style of the Little Book of Calm: The Little Book of Stress, through The Little Book of Dumb Feng Shui, The Little Book of Crap (with Simon Weazelpantz), The Little Book of Beauty and the Little Book of Diet and Exercise ("why not kayak to work?); The Modern Girls' Diary consecutively from 1990 to 1995; a novel, The Crocodile Club; a children's picture book sequel to The Terrible Underpants called Wanda-Linda Goes Berserk; and a scrapbook for memories called The Baby Book.


Kaz also illustrated a reprint of the real beauty hints called The Arts of Beauty originally published more than 100 years earlier by feisty 19th Century tear-away, spider-dancer, royal-groupie and Australian goldfields entrancer Lola Montez.




Four volumes of collected newspaper columns have been published, including Living With Crazy Buttocks, which won the Diagram Prize for the Oddest Title of the Year in 2002. The other collections were Get a Grip; Get Another Grip, and Keep Yourself Nice (from her first ever newspaper column, of etiquette advice).