Women's Stuff is funny, moving and honest: a best friend in a hardback book. It covers how to become confident, be healthier, feel gorgeous, accept your body, eat without guilt, deal with busybodies and bullies in all walks of life, be optimistic, avoid rip-offs, fight with the in-laws, help manage a mental health problem, make a relationship better or escape a bad one, enjoy sex, be happily single, find fulfilling work and purpose, get through grief and other bad times, decide on and follow a dream, what to know about cosmetic procedures and “beauty” products, sleep, and cope with a range of women’s health problems, from first periods and mood swings to menopause.

Info on the web is free but often wrong or unhelpful. Kaz cuts through the piffle and hard-sell to provide independent, helpful lists of recommended services, books and websites. Women’s Stuff was written in consultation with more than 100 medical, psychological and other experts with hundreds of useful and thought-provoking quotes from some of the 7000 women who contacted Kaz during research.

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