I would like to get a part-time job and earn my own money. How do I go about that?

By Kaz Cooke
From the latest edition
of Girl Stuff 13+

I would like to get a part-time job and earn my own money. How do I go about that?

There are some things you need to consider when you’re deciding which jobs (part-time or full-time) to apply for:

  • What kinds of jobs are you suited to (for instance, working in the kitchen or working ‘front of house’ as a waiter)?
  • What are you qualified for, or most likely to get?
  • How many hours can you work, and on which days?
  • How far can you safely travel, and at what times of the day or night?
  • Will it cost too much to get there and back?
  • How much will you accept as an hourly rate of pay?
  • Is there a low training wage that automatically becomes a better wage later?
  • When you turn a certain age, and should be paid more, will you be replaced with a new junior on a lower wage?
  • Do you get a free meal?
  • Is a uniform provided or do you have to buy your own work clothes?
  • Is there a discount on the company’s goods (and are the products the sort of stuff you’d want anyway)?
  • Will you still have enough time in your week to dedicate to your school studies?

Once you have that sorted it’s time to search the job advertisements: employment websites, Centrelink, community notice boards in supermarkets and bookshops, backpacker hostels, restaurant and shop windows. “Word of mouth” is also a good way to learn of positions coming up. Friends with jobs may hear of vacancies, and bosses are often pleased to interview and try someone out on a recommendation.

There’s more on finding a job, writing a resumé and the job interview in the book, Girl Stuff 13+: Your Full-on Guide to the Teen Years.