Dieting can stunt your growth and 
delay your development – fad diets 
that restrict you to one or only a few 
kinds of food deprive your body of the nutrients it needs.

Dieting can cause hunger, tiredness, crabbiness, forgetfulness, inability to concentrate, headaches, muscle cramps, constipation, weak bones, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, dull hair and skin, bad breath and dehydration.

Dieting is a known cause of depression – 
the more diets, the more severe the depression can be.

Dieting is a known trigger for eating disorders (see Chapter 12,  Mind Health).

Dieting mostly doesn’t factor in exercise 
as a must-do part of a healthy life, or 
provide enough energy for you to 
exercise without becoming exhausted 
or sick.

Dieting can lead to futile ‘yo-yo’ dieting – 
a diet doesn’t work so inevitably you try 
it again or another one (lose some, put 
more on, lose some, put even more on).

Dieting can set you up for a lifetime 
of feeling out of control, and sad, bad 
and mad about food.

Dieting makes you gain weight.


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